Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hi Everybody!


Anonymous said...

Hi person!


P.S. Why do we have to put in that little code?

Michael mather said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Lawslo,
there are some cool sounding history and science quizes on the computer. Just Google them!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lawslo,
I think it would be cool if the students go write an un graded weekly report and put it on our own school related blog where only kids at school can do go on. Just a suggeston. A blog might be fun!

Michael Mather said...

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Michael Mather said...

Hey mr.lawslo i just wanted 2 know when the Anceint Egypt project is due again because sometimes you say we start typing on monday or somedays you say.."lets startb on tuesday so when is it?because im at the library and im gonna be here checkin out books and on wiki pedia all day if this is due on mon. or tues.

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michael mather said...

do we get a whole week off on thanks giving week?and do we have school on monday because it will be vetrainians day..lol if i spelled that rite..contact at


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