Sunday, October 28, 2007

2nd Year Research Paper

Due Date: Thursday, November 8th 2007

You are to write, in your own words, a research paper on one of the following civilizations:

  • Byzantium
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient India
  • Ancient China

Your paper should cover the following aspects (if applicable) of the civilizations: Social stratification and ranking, trade or exchange networks, the presence of luxury and exotic goods (such as the Baltic amber trade), metallurgy, craft specialization, control of food as in agriculture or pastoralism, high population density, monumental architecture, writing system, calendar, centralized rule, military conquests, and armed military force. You must also select one leader from this civilization and include a mini-biography.

Your paper should be 5 pages long with two pictures that do not take up more than ¼ of the page it’s on. The paper must be typed in Times New Roman font, 12 pt. font size, double spaced, with standard margins, and justified alignment.

You will also be required to make a Power Point that is 10 slides long. Each slide must have a picture. You will be judged on creativity. All of the information should come from your research paper.
Under student links you will find a number of resources that will be beneficial.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lawslo,
Will we have some time to work on our 5 page report? I think that we should work mostly on it for a while.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andie. I think you should not give us very many more papers to do since our project is so big. I also wish that we didn't have to do the mini auto-biography.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lawslo,
hey mr. lawslo about our paper it really 5 pages long?? Thats alot for me i dont think i con do that much i have trouble with 2 im mean really i dont even know what my paper is going to be about or on will you help me pick a subject please

-Amber A.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber, don't worry so much our pictures can take up to 1/2 a page and since it's double space! So really, it's only like 2/1/2 pages long! Which is only half a page more than you said you could do! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh bye the way, that comment was left by me but I forgot to put my name!


Michael Mather said...

lol mrlawslo it me Michael Mather,i dont know when this 5 page essay is due but hopefully not tomorrow, i will be up all night trying to do all that work!

Please contact Me,Michael Mather at or go to my website and contact me there