Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekly Schedule October 22nd - 26th

This is our schedule for the week ending October 26th, 2007. It is important to remember that these schedules are not etched in stone. Our firm belief in adjusting our curriculum to meet the needs of students sometimes causes slight changes. If you have any questions, please contact me at extension 38.

1st Year Social Studies (Period 1 & 3) – We have completed our study of U.S. Geography, though we still have a test on Tuesday for state capitals. Students can practice for the test on the Sheppard Software website ( We are now beginning our study of indigenous peoples of North America.

Monday, October 22nd: Students will view Ancient Americans: Mayas and Aztecs and begin a worksheet.

Tuesday, October 23rd: Students will complete worksheet, discuss the importance of these cultures and their influence, and then take a short quiz.

Wednesday, October 24th: Students will view People of the Forest, discuss way in which knowledge was passed orally, read Native American stories and write a "review", and take a short quiz.

Thursday, October 25th: Students will view People of the Plains, discuss the tribes of the American northeast, and complete a worksheet.

2nd Year Social Studies (Period 2 & 4) – Presently we are covering World Geography.

Monday, October 22nd: Students will turn in their worksheet on Africa. We will begin working on Asia.

Tuesday, October 23rd: We will continue working on Asia. Worksheet is due Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 24th: We will view World History: Pre-History and begin a research paper on one of the following civilizations: Byzantium, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, or Ancient China. Students will select the civilization that most interests them. They will also be required to make a Power Point that uses the information they gathered in their research. The research paper must be 5 typed (Times New Roman, 12pt., double spaced) pages and must be typed in class. They will be given several full class periods in which to complete their project. The paper is due Thursday November 8th.

Thursday, October 25th: Work on research paper.

Health –

Friday, October 26th: We will be discussing peer pressure and how to deal with it.

Additional Resources:

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