Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Schedule for March 23 – March 26

1st Year Science


Assignment Due: Tackle Trash

Topic: Enviro-Tacklebox: Module 5: Processes and Cycles in the Environment: Behind the Numbers - "Behind the Numbers" links population fluctuations to changes in various abiotic and biotic factors.

Assignment: Students will create a poster defining a biome and the relationships of the organisms within it. This assignment will be done entirely in class.


Assignment Due: At the end of class, the poster will be due.

Topic: Continued from Monday

Assignment: Quiz


Assignment Due: None

Topic: The Inside Story with Slim Goodbody: The Team that Hustles: The Story of Your Bones and Muscles - This program explores how bones and muscles give us shape, motion, and protection. Slim Goodbody identifies the composition of bones and different types of bone. He examines the role of voluntary, involuntary, and cardiac muscles, and shows how muscle cells work together. We learn the difference between ligaments and tendons, and how exercise is an important way to keep muscles healthy.

Assignment: Using the Kids Health website, students will create a song about bones and muscles. Quiz


Assignment Due:

Topic: The Inside Story with Slim Goodbody: The Smart Parts: The Story of Your Brain and Nervous System - This program introduces the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, and shows how they make up the nervous system. Slim Goodbody illustrates the major brain regions and their functions, and demonstrates how different parts of the brain control different bodily activities. He also discusses how the autonomic nervous system works.

Assignment: Using the Kids Health website, students will create a song about the brain and nervous system. Quiz


2nd Year Science


Assignment Due: None

Topic: Enviro-Tacklebox: Module Three: Topics and Issues in Environmental Science: Non-Native Invasion - The number of non-native plants and animals found in North America has risen dramatically with the increase in travel and commerce. These invasive species put ecological pressure on the native species with which they compete for resources. Join host Greg Grandy and the Enviro-Tacklebox student reporters as they explore some environmental impacts and measures used to control these invasive species. Viewers will travel to Boston's Logan Airport, Stone Laboratory in Ohio, and the swamps of Louisiana.

Assignment: In cooperative groups students will investigate local non-native/invasion species. Each group should strive to make a list of at least five examples of non-native/invasion species animals and plants found in local or state environments.


Assignment Due: Non-Native Invasion due at end of class.

Topic: Non-Native Invasion – continued from Monday.

Assignment: Students will select, research, and report on one non-native/invasion species.


Assignment Due: None

Topic: Enviro-Tacklebox: Module 4: Forces in the Environment: The Earth: Work in Progress - The forces released during earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sinkhole formations result in dramatic change to the Earth's surface, often redesigning local habitats. In "The Earth: Work in Progress," the Tacklebox Team introduces students to several scientists researching these processes and forces of change in our environment.

Assignment: Groups of two students will research specific natural disasters and their impact on humans and the environment for the last 25.


Assignment Due: The Earth: A Work in Progress due at end of class.

Topic: The Earth: A Work in Progress – continued form Wednesday.

Assignment: Students will report their findings and use a computer to develop a timeline of natural disasters. Then students will use the timeline to predict possible natural disasters for the next 25 years for different locales.

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