Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extra Credit Assignments

Students may decide among the following:
1st Years:
· Presidential Poster (400 pts each) – Create a poster describing one of our presidents. The poster must contain biographical information, information on the United States at the time of their election, and information on events that occurred during their term(s). The poster must be colorful and creative.
· Battle Map (200 pts each) – Create a poster that illustrates a Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, or Civil War battle. The poster must contain information regarding the geography of the battle, the generals in charge, and must colorfully illustrate the battles itself.
· Totem Pole (400 pts each) – Create a totem pole. Students must be able to explain why they have chosen the figures on the totem.
2nd Years:
· World Monument (400 pts each) – Create a three dimensional model of a famous world monument such as the Eiffel Tower.
· Travel Brochure (200 pts each) – Create a travel brochure about a foreign country. The brochure must contain historical, geographical, and current information about the country. It must be 3-panel, two sided, and be colorful.
· Government Poster (400 pts each) – Create a poster describing a form of government found in the world today (Use CIA Factbook for a great list).
Students may complete more than one project, but they must choose one for their level. I will accept these extra credit assignments until April 30th.

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