Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly Schedule August 25th – August 29th

This is our schedule for the week ending August 29th, 2008. It is important to remember that these schedules are not etched in stone. Our firm belief in adjusting our curriculum to meet the needs of students sometimes causes slight changes. It is important to note that ample time is given in class to complete most assignments. There are occasional projects, spanning a week or more, that will require students to work outside of class. There will be no more than one of these per month. If you have any questions, please contact me at extension 38.
1st & 2nd Year Social Studies – This week we will begin our study of geography by covering basic mapping skills.

Monday: Maps and Globes - Globes and Their Use: For nearly 2,000 years, people have used globes to represent the planet on which we live. The globe is the perfect representation for Earth because the planet is a sphere. Land forms and oceans can be correctly aligned and shown in a smaller, and much more practical, scale. Students will learn abut key terms associated with globes, such as equator, prime meridian, axis, hemispheres, latitude, longitude, compass rose, time zones, cardinal directions, and scale model. Demonstrations are provided for calculating the distances between locations on the globe and locating a major city by its latitude and longitude. There will be a worksheet and quiz.

Tuesday: Understanding and Using Globes: This two-part Unit of Study is designed to present students with explanations of how maps and globes are used to represent key concepts about our planet. One video explores maps and the other presents information about globes. Vocabulary includes terms such as scale, compass rose, cardinal directions, symbols, latitude, longitude, equator, hemisphere, oceans, and continents. The video covering globes also includes material about using charts, graphs, and tables. There will be a worksheet.

Wednesday: Understanding and Using Maps: Continued from Tuesday. There will be a worksheet and quiz.

Thursday: Maps and Globes - Maps and Their Uses: There are many kinds of maps used today, each designed to share information in a special fashion. Maps are so useful that many software packages and Internet sites are devoted to creating programs that describe and illustrate the many and varied uses of maps. This video also presents information about the uses for and principles behind GPS (Global Positioning System). There will be a worksheet and quiz.

Health –

Friday: We will be viewing “Don’t Pop Your Cork on Monday.” In bright, humorous and lively animation, this program provides children with an understanding of stress, and the importance of developing stress survival skills. Beginning with the types and causes of stress, the young viewer explores the ways in which stress affects us, both physically and mentally. Importantly, the program also offers effective ways for children to deal with stressful situations. This video is based on the book by noted psychologist and author Dr. Adolph Moser. We will have a discussion and a quiz.

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