Saturday, December 15, 2007

Telesis Blog

There are a number of new blogs out there for you to look at. Look under student links to find many new teacher's blogs. One I want you all to look at is the Telesis blog. I have just posted some questions that I would LOVE for you to respond to. Yes, extra credit does apply!


Anonymous said...

Okay i have about 5 things too is my nana wants too know why we are given homework that we have too search up the internet because, Nana says i have been spending too much time on the computer but...the second thing is, This kING Tut The Rebel Phaoro is really hard!! i have tried too search on And and neither has showed any results!!


and dont forget too visit my website, and yes it works now!!

Anonymous said...

the silent witness thing is pretty cool! And yes, i've been bullied by pretty everyone at school and you should see all the markings on my body!!
well new silent witeness thing!

Anonymous said...

Ohh the one obove me was me,

Michael Mather

or the comment above me

Anonymous said...

just letting you know that i like that color thing that you put into this..i do it on my website too the code is [color=red] Hi! or [color=blue]W[color=orange]I[color=red]C[color=hotpink]K[color=tan]E[color=black]D[color=yellow]!!!!

-mIcHaEl Mather

Anonymous said...

mike you talk ALOT! i mean holy cow! i was checkin out the blogs for the first time and your onlike every one!!!!!! -Higgins