Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Akhenaten: The Rebel Pharaoh

Akhenaten has been called the most original religious thinker the ancient world had ever seen. Is this true? Analyze and compare the teachings of other significant religious figures and make a determination. What makes Akhenaten’s message original?

Here are some simpler instructions to answering this question:
  1. Write 2 paragraphs outlining the beliefs of Akhenaten regarding Aten, monotheism, and Truth.
  2. Do the same thing (substituting the deity of each for Aten) for two of the following:
    a. Buddha
    b. Jesus
    c. Laozi (Daoism)
    e. Mohammed
    f. Moses
    g. Zoroaster
  3. Then compare and contrast their beliefs.
  4. Finally, ask yourself if Akhenaten was an original thinker based upon his willingness to discard the polytheism that was prevalent in Egypt at the time. Did these others step out further from accepted thinking with their beliefs? Remember that original means the first. How unique is the thinking of each individual.
  5. Write a short essay describing your findings.


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