Monday, November 19, 2007

Extra Credit Assignments!!!

First Years:

60 Points:

Imagine that you are a European explorer. You have arrived in the New World and your King has requested a report. You are to write a letter that outlines what it is you have found in the New World. What are the native people like? Did you find new animals, food, weapons, and riches? What was the land like? What was your journey like? Write a three page letter to your king that begins with: “Your Royal Majesty,”

60 Points:

Imagine that you are a Native American and Europeans have just landed on your coast line. The Chief of your tribe has sent you to gain information about the visitors. Write a three page letter back to your Chief describing what you have seen and heard.

Second Years:

60 Points:

Imagine that you are an archeologist and you are looking for the lost city of King Rupsuptub. His castle is located in the deepest, darkest jungles of South America. Write a three page story that describes your journey. You can bring your friends, your family; you can even drag Mr. Lawslo along.

100 Points:

Recreate an Egyptian artifact as a three dimensional model. Make a sarcophagus, a head-dress, a royal staff, the sphinx, a chariot, virtually anything Egyptian that you can think of!

All extra credit assignments are due Monday, November 26th.

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