Thursday, November 15, 2007

Explorer Project Due November 29th

First year students, you will answer this Essential Question:

Which Voyage of Discovery (1200-1800) would your class, as a whole, most like to have been part of? Why?

“So many voyages, just one trip!” said Professor Acme…
Your class has the opportunity to go on a fantastic field trip. Using a time machine, just invented by the ACME Time Travel Company for this special journey, all of you will be going back in time to be guests on a voyage with a famous explorer from 1200 to the 1800. Working with a partner, you will help your class decide which voyage you all would most like to be part of.

In order for your class to make an informed decision as to which of the many voyages you all could be part of you will present your findings to the class. Important: your task is not to try to persuade your class that your voyage was the best, but rather provide great information that will help your whole class decide which voyage you all would most have liked to be part of.
Answer the following questions about your voyage:
1. Who was the leader of the voyage?
2. What country did he sail for?
3. When did he sail?
4. What were some the leader’s characteristics? (example: kind, cruel)
5. What was the purpose of the voyage?
6. What were some significant events that occurred during the voyage?
7. What was the outcome of the voyage?
8. What route did he take?

Poster Requirements

Size: 22” x 28”

Will include:
1. All the above information
2. 2 Pictures
3. A Map

Project Due November 29th

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