Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone Classroom Version 3, used at our Academy level, unleashes the power of technology to create an environment that accelerates language learning and provides quantifiable measurements of success.
Innovative Technology
· Advanced speech recognition technology compares a student’s voice to that of a native speaker and guides students to more accurate pronunciation.
· Students engage in interactive, life-like conversations based in context. This allow them to produce completely new spoken and/or written language
· Through Adaptive Recall, the program schedules review material to appear at optimal intervals to test students’ new language knowledge and ensure efficient retention.
Engaging Activities
· Interactive and engaging speaking activities get students producing language on their own in just a few screens.
· End-of-unit Milestones test language skills using real-life simulated conversations.
· Interactive grammar and spelling activities reinforce lessons and make learning fun.
Teacher Tools
· Powerful reporting tools deliver easy-to-read reports and graphs that track and guide student progression.
· Easy-to-use curriculum editor allows teachers to customize courses to address individual student or entire class development needs.
The most widely used language-learning software in the world that offers 27 different languages, Rosetta Stone has been adopted successfully by tens of thousands of schools, corporations, government agencies. It is easy to use and it works.

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