Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About Us

When Telesis began in 1991 as "Hands On Learning", it had a meager 9 students. The original idea of Telesis, was to focus on student strengths and bolster any weaknesses, all in a way that would challenge students without frustrating them. Focusing on the individual child and his/her specific needs and learning style in a small class size setting is an additional asset, all working together to teach children to enjoy and appreciate the process of learning.
Telesis operated as a private school with tuition based support for its first seven years. In 1998 an opportunity to become a part of the fast growing Charter movement, allowed Telesis to become tuition free, without losing its private school philosophy. Although Telesis receives charter funding, it is actually an Academic Magnet School, which means having a specific focus of academic achievement.
Today, Telesis nearly 350 students strong, has moved from the ten room duplex (which is now the administration building) to the beautiful new 16 classroom campus. There are additional plans for expansion in what will be Phase II of the overall campus development. 
A great deal of hard work and dedication (many done on a volunteer basis), by the Telesis staff, administration, community members and other supporters have helped Telesis to become what it is today. For many years as a private school donations and volunteer time were the staple of survival of the programs and facilities. Many of the courses and extra-curricular activities have been "student-driven" depending on student needs and interests. With its active Student Government, Telesis still listens to the needs and suggestions of its student body.
Along with the school’s founder, the Telesis Board of Directors, staff members, students and families are the other factor in the Telesis story. Without each, the school would most likely be just like any other school. Instead, Telesis is a structured, balanced, forward thinking program that looks to the future with hope and anticipation.
Telesis has plans to continue to monitor and develop the best and most effective programs for both educational and personal growth of its student body. We look forward to years of growth and to celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

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