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On Saturday March 4th, 1797 the world witnessed an event that was, at the time, unique. On that day the leadership of a nation peacefully transferred hands: George Washington left and John Adams became president. Since April 30th, 1789 forty-two different men have held the office of president (Grover Cleveland was elected twice, not consecutively #22 and #24). On November 4th, 2008 we will once again exercise our right to select a new president. Each day leading up to the election we will be examining different aspects of the process, the candidates, and the issues we face as a nation. Many people are saying that this is the most important presidential election in a generation; respectfully, I disagree. Every election is critical to the future of our country.

Assignment Due: None

Topic: How America is governed – The American system of government, begun as an experiment in liberty and democracy in 1776, has proven to be remarkably resilient and adaptable.
While often categorized as a democracy, the United States is more accurately defined as a constitutional federal republic. What does this mean? “Constitutional” refers to the fact that government in the United States is based on a Constitution which is the supreme law of the United States. The Constitution not only provides the framework for how the federal and state governments are structured, but also places significant limits on their powers.“Federal” means that there is both a national government and governments of the 50 states.
A “republic” is a form of government in which the people hold power, but elect representatives to exercise that power.

Assignment: Through readings and class discussions students will understand the nature of our government, its structure, duties of the president, and the requirements to hold the office.

Assignment Due: None

Topic: What are the qualities of a great president? Our history has been filled with successful presidents and some, less so. The men that have held the office have had various degrees of education, experience, and ability. Some were vocal, powerful, individual leaders; while others worked to build a consensus; some were generals, some were businessmen, and one was even an actor!

Assignment: Students will research the qualities of past presidents and develop a “profile” of what qualities they look for in a president.

Assignment Due: None

Topic: What are the issues facing America today? The economy, the war in Iraq, immigration, terrorism, gas prices, education, and health care are just some of the issues that Americans are concerned about in this election. Voters must be educated regarding the nature of these issues, their history, and how they will affect our future.

Assignment: Students will be assigned an issue that they must research and will then relate the information they gathered to the class.

Assignment Due:

Topic: Now that students have learned what the president’s job is, the requirements of the office, the qualities they think a president should have, and the issues being discussed it is time to see how the candidates measure up.

Assignment: Students will research the candidates and begin to decide who they think should be president.

Health –

Assignment Due: None

Topic: Fire Safety with Mr. Gonzalez from the Lake Havasu Fire Department.

Assignment: None

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