Sunday, August 28, 2011


When I first started this blog, many years ago, I tried to make it a one-stop for all Intermediate students and their parents. I wanted it to be someplace where students would be able to access links and material that would enable them to succeed not just in my class, but in every class. I wanted students to make my blog their homepage until they graduated college!

I soon discovered that trying to the Super Wal-Mart of blogs was a bit like herding cats; it might be possible, but it was going to be awfully difficult and in the end all I would have was a herd of cats (I actually do), numerous scratches, and more hairballs than I could ever clean-up. I would also have a blog that took forever to load and was very difficult to navigate. In the end, I removed all the content and created several blogs that will eventually have all the content, but will be organized based on the needs of each level.

While not as challenging as herding the aforementioned cats, this is still proving to be time-consuming because I want to make sure that every aspect is organized and easy-to-use for students and parents.

Those of you that have been using my blog as a resource since its creation will likely be disappointed for a few months as the content slowly begins to find its way back. I sincerely hope that, once I’m finished, you will see that the wait was worth it.

The “My Blog List” in the left column contains all the blogs that will eventually have all the content, and more, that was previously on Mr. Lawslo’s Blog. If any of my former students have comments or suggestions please use the comment button on the most recent post.

One thing that will not be returning is a post outlining the weekly schedule. Thanks to Google Calendar I have replaced that with an embedded calendar that should make things much easier and make blog loading quicker. There are numerous other advantages that I will be making available to students and parents as the year progresses. All you need to do is click on the assignment and it will expand for more information. Gradually, I will be using this to provide links to documents, quizzes, and numerous other materials.

Check back often to see the changes!

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