Thursday, June 5, 2008

What am I doing this summer?

This summer I'm going to hang out around the house, and swim at J. P.’s house and at M.S. house

Over summer I am probably going to hang out. Also, I will visit with my cousin and bug Joey. My family will probably go to a lot of parties with friends and family. S.M.S.

I’m not really doing any thing other than I might go to Phoenix and stay with my cousins but I’m probably not going for the first month I’m going to my dads store because I cant hang with friends and we never go anywhere.

Over the summer I am going to go to Carlsbad, CA and go to Disneyland for 5 days. We always have a lot of fun there! We go to the beach and boogie-board and catch sand crabs. Then later we go to Chucky Cheese. --- By HarvestMoonFan

This summer I am going to go to Vegas and hang out with my friend. For the rest the summer I’m going to go to teen camp and play football for the Chiefs and I get to go to Florida and see a few Ray games with my step dad.

I am going to exercise for most of the summer. I am also going to be playing games with my friends. My family also is going to go to Oregon, and spend time with my cousin. I might even go to Utah and spend time with my good friend .J.G.

I'm going to go to my Grandma's house for two weeks. I'll go to friend's house every night in summer. I'll go to my Grandma's house to have a birthday party. I'll go swimming at the people's houses or to the beach. I'll go to a family Reunion. K.F.

This summer I am going to go to California and stay there for a few weeks because my cousin is going to come. If we go, we are most likely going to go to Disneyland or probably go to a party. Also I am going to the lake this Friday and with the Jet Ski.

I'm going to go to a pageant for my sister, going to Las Vegas, then to Flagstaff. Then I don’t know what else I’m doing. JAK

What I’m going to do for summer is play with my friends, go to hang out. Then spend some time with my family LA

This summer I will go to Las Vegas and see my new brother that I have never met before and when we are there we will go buy some bling and go buy some games and I might buy him an Xbox 360 and then we will talk for while and that is it. G.B.A.

Right when I get out of school I'm going to camp Raymond. Once I get home I'm going to play my brother’s Xbox and PS2. After that I'm going to go over to my friend’s house for a night.

I’m not doing any thing other than I might go to Phoenix and stay with my cousins but I’m probably not going for the first month. I’m going to my dad’s store because I can’t hang with friends and we never go anywhere for summer and then I’m going to Idaho C.E.S!

When I get out of school I might go to Sea World. I am going to get an Xbox360 with my money I earned. Also hang out with friends. Also watch lots of movies. TV

I am going to text all my friends and invite them to my house and hang out. Then I and my family are going to Colorado or Florida. After that we will just hang around the house. Maybe go on the lake. NA

This summer I'm going to have a lot of fun. I'm going to go see some glaciers in Juneau, Alaska in June and I'll probably go to Lego Land. Also I have all my friends over to hang out around my house. SH

I'm going to a Journey concert in a limousine at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Then I will go to California to go to either Disney land or Raging waters.

This summer I am going to Vegas to hang out with my friend for the rest of the summer. I am going to teen camp and playing football for the chiefs and then going to Florida to see a few ray games with my step dad. JL

I might move! I will also just hang out with my friends and swim. I hope that I visit my family in another state. I will also go to the beach with my family and we will have fun. I might even get a new pet! Signed- anonymous

Where I am going for the summer is Sea World because there is lots of rides and you get to see dolphins in the water and see whales jumping in the water so people get wet. There is a ride called water sled where you get wet on the ride it is fun.Br

I am going to help M. P at Guiding Light all summer. I'm doing that because I have to. I am going to be like her gopher. l.D.

I am going to skateboard. J.G.

I am going with S.H to Oklahoma. Then I am going to California. Next I will go to Oregon. That is what I will do this summer.

This summer S.G. and I are going to Oklahoma bye ourselves without any parents. We are going to do a lot of fun stuff like stuff.

Over summer I am going to my dads. I am going to a skateboard camp. I will be going to a Christian camp. I will also be skateboarding a lot. S.W.

I'm going to go fishing with my dad and have fun with my friends .Also go swimming at my grandparent’s house. K.C.

I might be going to Salt Lake City, Utah. Then I am going camping in the woods. Then last just do what is fun.

I'm going to be going on the lake and have fun .Then I'm going to go to Mexico. I'm also going to hangout with my friends.

I am going to my Dads work/home for six weeks, and going to a skateboard camp! PSH

I’m going to buy skateboards. J.G.

I am going to grow sunflowers, make a bow and arrow, read, and play on the computer. I am also going to make a bow and arrow and launch it at Rotary Park.

This summer I’m going to go to North Carolina, to see my dad and my step mom. I'm going to go to wet n' wild and I’m going to go to a NASCAR race, and do a whole bunch of stuff, I’m going to take care of my dad's dog while their gone at work. S.K.


I am going on a cruise, to North Carolina to visit my grandpa and grandma, go to my dads, and a lot of fun things. D.V

I’m going to be playing with my cat Frankie. J.G.

What I’m going to do this summer is hangout with JG. And my band all summer long. And maybe go to California and hangout there. And rock and go to the beach. I have great friends JG and PH.

I’m going over to my dad's house in California for a month on summer break.

I don't know. What I’m doing over summer, I don't know.

I'm going to I forget.

I'm going to swim each day early in the morning. I'm going to go to art camp and basketball camp on the first week of summer break.

I might go to friend's house, stay home, sell stuff, and have fun. A.R.

I’m going to see my sister in Idaho that I haven't seen in a really long time. I am also going to see my friend in Montana. My family and I are all going.

I might to N.X.e's house and I also might go to a lot over the summer. W.C

I'm going to an amusement park. It will have many things for me to do. Then I'm heading over to my dad's for the rest of the summer. S.P

This summer I'm going to summer camp .Then I’m going to Disney World. For the rest of the summer I will hang out with my friends.-SE

This summer I might go to S.H house. We might go swimming.

I am going to go to California for my family vacation. Then I’m going home for a few weeks. Then I’m going back to California to see Kay Kay. Then I will go back home and do what ever else.

These are the things I am doing over summer. I'm going out riding dirt bikes and guns. And I might go to SW house and SG house for summer.

I will tell you what I am doing over the summer. First of all I will wait for 2 horrible weeks waiting for my birthday to come when I go to Disney Land :). After that I don't really know what I am going to do but we go to a water park every summer :).

Last message was from R.K. forgot to put initials

I might play monopoly this summer. I might go to my nana's house. I might go to Las Vegas to pick up my sister M.E.S

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