Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Revolutionary War Battle Project

Go to the website: and research the battle you have been assigned (you may use other websites, but all the required information is on this site). You will be required to write an essay that includes the following information: date, where it happened, the Generals involved, the size of the armies, the winner, total casualties, and a brief account of the battle. You will also be required to create a map of the battle on 22” x 28” poster board; your essay is to be attached to the poster. The poster must be in color (red for British, blue for American). There must be detailed descriptions of units and movements included on the poster of the involved. There must also be a small insert map that shows where the battle occurred in relation to the rest of the 13 colonies.

Battle of:

a. Bunker Hill
b. Quebec 1775
c. Long Island
d. Harlem Heights
e. White Plains
f. Fort Washington
g. Trenton
h. Princeton
i. Ticonderoga 1777
j. Bennington
k. Brandywine Creek
l. Freeman’s Farm
m. Germantown
n. Saratoga
o. Monmouth
p. Camden
q. King’s Mountain
r. Cowpens
s. Guilford Courthouse
t. Yorktown

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